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Amanda Seyfried for Givenchy’s ‘Very Irresistible’ TV Commercial

I have to admit something to you readers: I’m not a fan of Amanda Seyfried. I don’t think her acting is that great nor her style and although she appears to be charismatic, she will always be Karen from Mean Girls to me. Yet thanks to the creative team at Givenchy, this may change over time. When I saw the print campaign shot of Amanda for the fragrance, I wasn’t quite blown away. She’s a pretty girl but the ad didn’t scream Givenchy. Yet the second round of the Givenchy campaign ads, featuring Seyfried among the Roitfeld clan and others, she looked stunning. In a Bambi sweatshirt like the one Carine wore to the Met Gala, it screamed Givenchy and I began to take a liking to the blonde actress. Yet this television commercial re-iterated that she may be more irresistible than I thought.

Take a look for yourself and let me know in the comments if you think Amanda is irresistible as well:

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