Suzy Menkes Supports John Galliano

Fashion critic Cathy Horyn could learn a thing or two from Suzy Menkes, head fashion reporter and editor for the International Herald Tribune since 1988. Horyn, who has run into some controversy with designers (remember when she called Oscar de la Renta the ‘hot dog of American fashion’?) has went down a different path than Menkes. Specifically by giving John Galliano, the old creative director at Dior, support.

“It’s a tragedy,” she said of the anti-Semitic comments that Galliano made, which led to his Dior dismissal. “We know that creative people have all sorts of demons. I would never say that I love Hitler in any shape or form ever, and I don’t know many people who would. That’s not to say that somebody with such brilliant talent shouldn’t be given some kind of second chance. But how you do that is difficult.”

After the scandal in 2011, John Galliano has been slowly working his way back into the fashion industry. He has been working with the Anti-Defamation league and even took artist’s residency at Oscar’s studio for 3 weeks. It’s nice to see someone like Menkes, who holds her own in the fashion industry, who has support for Galliano in a time where he must be looking for it. As of yesterday, Parsons canceled his master workshop because of the uproar it received from students and the community.

What’s next for Galliano? No one really knows yet, but I do hope he makes a return to the industry. Like Menkes said, John Galliano is incredibly talented. It would be a crying shame to know that his work isn’t getting taken seriously, but it appears this will be a lengthy feat to see  what happens next.

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