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It’s all about Swimwear

Now that summer is here we all need a cute swimwear for the pools and beaches. I’m a bit of an avid collector of swimwear, I have way too many pairs that don’t match but take up baskets in my closet… I’m a bit obsessed so I love constantly browsing for new totally different styles of swimwear. This season I’ve seen so many amazing pieces that I need to buy ASAP so I thought  I would share, hopefully they end up in your closet and on the beach!

Mesh Bikini   One Teaspoon Shadow Bikini   Zinkle Starboard One Piece   ASOS Lattice Front Swimwear   River Island Bikini   Elodie Brocade Bikini   Sun Runner Bikini   Lime Longline Bikini   Copper Slinky Cage Bikini

3 thoughts on “It’s all about Swimwear

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