Fashion Meets Technology

dvf-through-glass---youtubeWhen models sashayed down the runway at DVF’s Spring RTW ’13 show sporting Google glasses, many were confused about how the decision and collaboration. Yet Diane proved to be ahead of the curve. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of emerging products from the wearable devices industry. What is a wearable device you may ask? To sum it up, a wearable device is a personal accessory that includes embedded sensors, displays, and other digital technology. Many analysts believe that in three years, it will be a $10 billion industry.

I think that it’s a bit too extreme to empower the wearable movement. People are already glued to their cellphones, iPods, and laptops all the time. By giving them a watch or glasses with internet access, they will be to busy to interact and experience life. I love my iPhone and treat it like a child, but I don’t think I would give into the Google glasses. A break from social media is nice sometimes… but not for too long!

Source: Business of Fashion

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