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Miuccia Prada and Gatsby Amaze Us

Anticipation is rising as we are coming closer to the release date of The Great Gatsby. We here at Reformed are super duper excited to see how well Leo is going to play our love Gatsby (we assume perfectly). In celebration of the soon to be premier, designer labels are hosting parties to commemorate the fashion, beauty, music and all things 20’s. Miuccia Prada hosted a party to celebrate the opening of an exhibit in New York last night and many of the Gatsby cast members showed up.  Not only was the champagne likely flowing but stars were looking gorgeous.  In my eyes Carey Mulligan can not do wrong at all. She was seen in an amazing black Prada 3/4 dress transforming the idea of little black dress to tasteful elegance. Aside from lovely Michelle, Isla Fisher was also sporting Prada, wearing a beautiful rose pink dress.

The ladies of Gatsby were stunning last night at the event but could not compete in comparison to the absolutely breathtaking vintage Prada on display! Take a peek at the designs and try not to be in awe, trust me it is way more difficult than you think. The Great Gatsby is out on May 10th, keep an eye out for these vintage pieces on display in the movie I’m sure they won’t be difficult to miss!

Photos: Marie Claire UK

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