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Jenna-May’s Picks

May picks

Happy beginning of May everyone! May is one of my favourite months for a few different reasons. The first is that my father’s birthday is May 8th, which is 4 months before my birthday. The second is that my grandmother’s name was Mae and I was named after her. This month reminds me of her and family in general so it’s a very happy time. Here are the things I am absolutely obsessed with and will hope to obtain (somehow) through the month of May:

1) Primal trouser pant, Nasty Gal
Printed pants are so in right now and I don’t have any pairs! These beauties have a great print and the fit looks awesome too. And for only $135! These will become my summer staple in no time.

2) Bit Faker, butter LONDON
According to the website it says “full coverage bronze glitter” which I love! It’s a nice sand colour with sparkle that takes your nails to paradise.

3) Rosie Cutout Combat Boot, Nasty Gal
Cutout boots give you an edge while still letting your feet breathe. Plus these look durable for the festival scene this summer!

4) Isis Wedge, Nasty Gal
Every girl needs a good pair of wedges. Thanks to Kami for leaving hers at my dorm for a little while so I could fall in love with them.

5) Proenza Schouler PS1, ForwardForward
This is the first bag I will splurge on in life. Been coveting it for 3 years now and one day I will go to Holts and buy it in cash!

6) Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Large leather tote, Net-A-Porter
Second bag I will splurge on. Obsessed.

7) Robert Rodriguez blazer, Neiman Marcus
My two favourite colours come together on this amazing blazer. Need it in my work wardrobe immediately.

8) Onxy Ring, Nasty Gal
I want to start wearing more rings and this is a great one to start with. Love how it looks matte!

9) Chloé Marcie large tote, Net-A-Porter
I am a handbag woman, what can I say? This is a classic I would love to possess.

10 & 11) NARS Autumn Leaves lipstick & Larger Than Life Mascara, Barney’s
NARS makes the best cosmetics.

12) Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Cap Slashed Boots, Urban Outfitters
Like I said for #3, best concert boot!

13) Surface Electric Clutch, Nasty Gal
This will look killer in the club, on the beach, and on the street. So into clutches these days and the neon makes it pop!

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