Music Monday: The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian

I have recently found a way to download Spotify on my computer, thank you sketchy internet sites, and it has become my best friend. No longer do I have to wait for discographies to take forever to download when everything is already available to stream online directly. Since I no longer have to wait for hours to download music (I live in the country) I’ve been listening to way more music. For some reason there was a gap from 2010 to last year where I listened to a moderate amount instead of the intensive amount I used to listen to, probably because I actually got a life and a boyfriend who drives. Anyway, I used to love The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian, the smooth sounds of their voices calm me down and put me in an amazing mood. Luckily on Spotify I was able to come across their magical music all over again which has been amazing, especially during of exam period. So without further or do, here are some of my starred songs by The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian that make my heart and ears melt.

Listen to the songs here. Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t work in Canada unless you’ve visited that sketchy site I mentioned, and some songs weren’t on but the titles of the songs not on the playlist are below to check them out.

My wandering days are over- Belle & Sebastian

Accept Yourself- The Smiths

Asleep on a Sunbeam- Belle & Sebastian

I started Something I couldn’t Finish- The Smiths

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