Health: Easy Juicing

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Now that my summer has started I can’t help but feel like I officially need t0 start getting my beach body ready. I’ve always wanted to complete a proper juice cleanse but they’re so expensive and when I find an at home recipe I don’t quite understand the logic behind the ingredients and  I always loose self control the second I smell/see chocolate or any other form of sugar. Luckily enough I have come across this amazing website/blog that contains amazing juice and smoothie recipes that is so easy to follow and the recipes are so tasty (even the beet juice!). is definitely my favourite website for juicing because not only do you constantly get feedback from the girls who run the website, but there is always a constant amount of information to read about why each ingredients is healthy and how it is working, something many websites lack.  There is also a place for discussion so you don’t feel like you are alone during the cleanse.

The website pre-plans your whole cleanse and even provides a grocery list for you (amazing right?) If you’re slacking like me to get your summer beach body and someone have this idea you will look like Candice Swanepoel then go to the site and check it out! Even if you don’t want to do a cleanse and just want some super easy recipes for your blender or juicer the blender girls are perfect for you!

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